Quarter Master Sergeant, Brian Egbert

In October of 1990, Brian Egbert enlisted as the 19th soldier of the 7th NJ Infantry, beginning a remarkable and outstanding career.  His service in the regiment has earned him many commendations leading up to the recommendation that he be given the rank of Quarter Master Sergeant.  Upon receiving this promotion, he was stationed with the Seventh’s hospital corps, and he served in this role with distinction, proving that he was the man for the job when the brigade’s Signal Corps was called to re-form. He still serves in this capacity.

Brian’s dedication to his impression is above-and-beyond. Through his incredible skill and patience he has reproduced many historic reproductions from original objects, blueprints, and photographs.  Whether it be a much needed surgery/dinner table, surgical cases, field desks, operating telegraph, gravity battery, hospital wagon, or enough supply boxes to fill a wall tent, Brian is constantly improving and growing his impression for the love of the hobby and our countless visitors, as well as making much needed pieces for other members of the Brigade.

Since his first day of enlistment Brian has been an essential asset to the Brigade, and is a soldier many are proud to “serve” with.  He is the kind of reenactor we all aspire to be. The devotion that he brings greatly influences the Brigade, with many members turning to him for advice, guidance, assistance, or simple inspiration.  Brian truly honors all those involved in the American Civil War, especially those that gave their last full measure, and he shows his appreciation through his attention to historical detail, excellent mentorship, and unflappable kindness.

As the absolute epitome of our creed, NJ Civil War Preservation, Dedication, Family, we are proud to honor Brian Egbert with Medal of Merit: #002.