Contact our Field Nurse,  Michelle Catona,  to join the hospital.   m

Contact our Field Nurse, Michelle Catona, to join the hospital.

The 7th New Jersey Infantry Field Hospital represents many of the facets of a Union Medical Service in the field.

Our reenacting duty is two-fold:

  •  Educating the public about the tasks, instruments, medicines, and everyday life in the Medical Service including:
    • bandage rolling
    • cooking
    • paperwork
    • meteorology 
    • instrument maintenance & cleaning 
  • Providing real-life medical support, on and off the battlefield for our reeneactors. We offer the following on-site medical support:
    • general minor first aid
    • preventive measures for heat exhaustion
    • treatment for heat-related issues
    • proper brigade hydration
    • ***Note: while we limit our reenacting hospital to minor first aid issues, we do have qualified members who are equipped to handle more serious accidents, illness, and heat-related problems.

Currently, we are looking for all roles and positions.

 If you have an interest in medicine, medical history, or you have a job in a medical field in modern life, please consider joining the Field Hospital. We need members to  fulfill one of the following roles:

  • surgeon
  • assistant surgeon
  • hospital steward 
  • medical cadet 
  • nurses/cooks
  • ambulance corps

We have a minimum age requirement of 15 due to the graphic nature of the historical content of this impression. 

Go to our Joining the Brigade page for more information.

Also check out our Civilians' handbook.