In 1861, Major Alfred Myers began to organize the United States Signal Corps. His plan was to create a corps that could communicate cryptically over long distances both quickly and efficiently enough to be of military value. Myers dream became a reality as the corps took part in every major campaign despite the increased risks and causalities it faced. Throughout the Civil War the U.S. Signal Corps proved its usefulness to politicians in Washington, D.C. and distinguished itself with great honor on the battlefield.

Today, the 7th New Jersey Signal Corps has been formed to pay homage to those who served from early 1861 through August of 1865. Our goal is to portray those men as closely and as realistically as possible in both reenacting and living history scenarios. The corps portrays the camp life of a signalmen as well as his active signaling. During daytime battles members use telescopes and Signal Flags to communicate, and at night torches and rockets transmit the message. While not engaged, both first and second person impressions give guests educational explanations and   the chance to use and touch the many different instruments used in signaling.

Through these portrayals, we hope to educate anyone interested about the men who served, their sacrifices, and their roles in the Union victory.

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 Please contact Sgt. Brian Egbert to join the Signal Corp.