Contact Cavalry Commander,  Hans Arzt , to join the cavalry.

Contact Cavalry Commander, Hans Arzt, to join the cavalry.

The Second Regiment of New Jersey Calvary is formed of both mounted and dismounted members. We portray federal volunteer cavalry as they fought on horseback and as dismounted skirmishers.

We understand that not all cavalry fighters can afford to own a horse, and we integrate our unmounted members in every way possible. Please do not feel that you must own a horse in order to participate; we will find an appropriate impression for you.

However, all of our members must be able to ride or look as if they have just dismounted and sent their horses to the rear. We all make our bedrolls like cavalrymen and pack our possessions for horseback. Both mounted and dismounted troopers camp together and portray a wholly accurate picture of Civil War cavalry  to the public.

Our troopers carry the following equipment for accurate impressions:

  • Sharps
  • Smiths
  • Spencer and Burnside carbines
  •  44 caliber Remington
  • 36 or 44 caliber Colt or Walker revolvers
  • 1833 dragoon or 1860 cavalry sabers.

USV firearm and mounted safety protocols are supported. 1861 Army mounted services uniform regulations and horse furniture and tack requirements are closely observed.

Like all reenactors, you must be 16 years old to carry a weapon. At selected living history events, we are also capable of portraying US Navy seaman from the USS Ellis as well as period US Marines.

Go to our Joining the Brigade page for more information.